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Manufacturing Specialty Oil & Gas Parts From Plastics

Rely on the plastic manufacturing experts at Brown Plastics, Inc. Based in Montgomery, TX, we offer custom machining of new and replacement plastic parts for the oil and gas industries.

Specialized Parts

The wide range of parts we manufacture range from Orifice Seal Rings to Non-Extrusion Rings. This is a partial list of the items that Brown Plastics, Inc. regularly supplies:
• Latern Rings  • Non-Extrusion Rings  • Ball Valve Seats  • Bearings  • B.O.P. Parts 
• Wear Bands  • Packing Rings  • Wedge Rings  • Piston Rings  • Knox-Western Piston Ring Sets  • Impeller Gaskets  • Anti-X-Rings  • Modular Back Up Rings

We always keep the following PTFE Powders In Stock:
• Virgin PTFE  • Carbon PTFE  • Bronze PTFE  • Graphite Bronze PTFE  • Glass PTFE  • Graphite PTFE  •Molyglass PTFE

Focus On Quality

The quality of our parts is a point of pride. We have ZERO rejection rate and plan to keep it that way. Our employees are required to check each other's work during manufacture, then it goes to inspection and is checked again. We only use the best materials on the market and are very picky about our vendors. We package our parts to your specifications and all labels have lot, batch and cure date of all materials on them. If there is ever a problem it can be traced all the way back to the source.


It is standard for us to use UPS for shipping. You may provide us with your UPS account # if you would like UPS Collect. We will use any shipping method you request, but we find UPS to be the most cost effective from our location.
Quantity discounts may be available. Please call Jody for details.